More smoke in the LRC GME saga as New code leaks



Information to who linked it:

Here is a picture of more GME evidence in the Code:

Twitter GME also hinting at the “relationship”:

Not sure if this information has found it’s way over here yet, but this is even more smoke indicating the fire that would be a GME partnership.

I am very hopeful that this will be a very lucrative buy the rumor sell the news event. However, I believe this is a great short term AND longterm play

I posted this last night and it gained a lot of traction but there were too many LRC posts and it got removed. Still this is new code from a more credible source, as well as a mention from Gamestop themselves and deserves to be known by this sub.

Edit: Looks like the top 2 links are no longer working. This in my eyes is extremely good news as it looks like some1 let the cat out of the bag too soon.

The picture came from the code in the top link that has now been removed from a person inside Loopring. I posted the full text from just one of the many pages published from the original leak in the comments. This most certainly means they changed the repo to private

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