Moons to the moon?


Don’t know if you’ve seen, but the Reddit Moons just had a massive pump, as might have been expected since the rumours of reddit becoming a public company spread out.

I’ve heard plenty of comments from people saying moons will reach 1$ soon, being very bullish and also people saying that if every subreddit will have a coin, shit will hit the fan and moons will crash, and to be honest, as with anything crypto related, we’re early and we can’t be sure of nothing.

My opinion is that moons will pump, but only untill this sub is active and if it’s becoming more and more active, basically, if the bear market hits(and it will eventually do so) people will move their attention somewhere else and will forget about moons, so probably they’ll crash.

What’s your call on moons? Let me know in the comments and I hope I didn’t offend anyone since nowadays you can’t have a post without offending someone.

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