Moons have very bright future. The best is yet to come and it’s not about just another empty Hopium.


I think that most of us still don’t realize the true potential of the Moons. Behind this crypto stands maybe the biggest and most active online blockchain community in the world. They are one of the first of it’s kind, as far as i know only two other similar coins exist in reddit, but in much smaller communities. You can see how random useless meme tokens reach 1 bln. Market Cap, why not see one day a social use case token like the Moons reach even higher numbers. A project backed by almost 4 mln. users.

The community behind the Moons is what matters most, it’s what guarantees the success of the project. Let’s not also forget that the concept to bond social media with crypto is very new and Moons project is one of the first in the field.

Mainnet will be the first indicator how things will go. I truly believe that the people behind the project will deliver more use cases which will make them even more valuable.

I don’t know when, but I’m sure that this time will come, Moons success is inevitable.

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