Moons for karma really give a good sense of the type of people on this sub


We all know why we got into crypto, for the most part it was the “gains”. It was all just trying to chase the dream of escaping our 9 to 5 bullshit (not to say Cryptos real world utility isn’t groundbreaking)

This sub has taught me a lot about the game, how to handle losses and how to grow my portfolio. But the sentiment around upvoting in this sub bothers the hell out of me.

Because of the association of earning Moons with karma and upvotes everyone is super stingy when it comes to supporting each other, like upvoting something is coming directly out of your own pocket.

It really got me thinking of the psychology behind the reluctance to upvote posts and comments, and when it comes down to it it’s just selfishness.

Instead of lifting up our brothers and sisters in the community by upvoting and making it a positive experience, we keep them down.

God forbid, anyone make a lunar dime off our generosity and support.

I am not saying I support the greedy little moon farmers who don’t bring anything to the community, f*ck those guys, but if someone is making a genuine effort to learn or teach, or has something valuable to say we need to support them.

So I implore you all, loosen up those upvoting thumbs. Let’s make r/cc great again!

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