Moons Bot Updated for Round 20 Moons Distribution


Welcome to SNAPSHOT DAY everybody! Moons Bot is now ready to show you your estimated karma/moons earnings for Round 20, and has a new way of doing so that I think everyone here will enjoy: Direct Message Reports.

How to Get Your Report

Leave a comment anywhere on this sub mentioning the bot by simply typing: u/moons_bot


Send a message to Moons Bot. This is using the Send Message function, not the Chat. This message can have any title and anything in the body. There are some commands you can also use, which I’ll explain later in this post.

Understanding Your Report

Your report will feature a few different pieces of information:

Earnings History Chart This link will take you to an image of your earnings plotted on a graph from each distribution since June 2021. Karma Earned How much comment/post karma you earned over the period. Moons Earned How many moons you got ( Karma x Distribution Award Ratio ) Moon Score Where you place among earners for this distribution. Notes Various useful bits of information for Moon fans.

A look at the report Moons Bot sent me.

An example of the Earnings Chart

Message Commands

When sending messages to the bot there are a few commands you can issue. Sending anything other than one of these commands will default to generating your earnings report.

Help Explains the bot, moons, and shows the available commands. Report Generates earnings report (also default response to any other message) Support Shows info about supporting the bot through moon tips Status Shows some data from the bot

Get Back to Farming!

That’s it, I hope the new message feature will make some folks happy to see much less comment spam. Thanks for the support everyone, I’ve gotten loads of feedback, bug reports, and lots of appreciation, which I appreciate. Cheers!

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