Moons Bot Updated for Round 19 Moons Distribution


You can now view your Round 19 Moon earnings by simply mentioning u/moons_bot in a comment (here, or anywhere). Here’s an example of what you’ll get:

Remember to use a lowercase “u” and give it a few minutes to respond if there’s a lot of requests. Hope everyone got what they wanted from Moon Santa and keep on farming!

I like to include a bit of the development news in these posts as well, for the curious.

This is the third distribution since starting moons bot, and things are running smoother than ever. It still crashes on occasion, I think from making reddit API requests and sometimes getting an error back. Haven’t had much time to fix it this month.

I’ve received about 4 moons in total donations so far, which is very nice. I love that users are getting something out of this and find it brings value to the community.

I’m still working on some updates, the ability to message the bot instead of commenting is almost ready, then the subscription update will begin, where you can get your report automatically sent each period.

That’s all folks, cheers!

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