Moons are the next Memecoin


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I have had enough of the bs of hearing about memecoins flooding the sub, the only good thing that comes out of them is that gains can be made and you can put it back into big caps which is the smart thing to do.

As for cc moons I am ultra bullish on this and it isn’t comedy. I feel like once people see value in moons and once hopefully we have mainnet we are going to have a parabolic rise in open vaults and people wondering if they can buy or sell on an exchange like Binance or KuCoin.

Face it I am tired of all the whining, I don’t hold a lot of moons like some people here but I believe it’s one of the most brilliant ways to farm anything without having to buy a mining rig or buy coins to stake.

My hope is this reaches $2 by end of bull run (especially with scarcity!) and in next bull run we reach the frickin moon. Now all we need is Reddit to jump into the meta verse and moons and we will head to frickin Titan. So open up your frickin vaults already ffs

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