Moons are a free offering. Let’s not be too focused on the negatives, because at the end of the day we have an opportunity to profit with no catch. We can’t feel entitled for something that was offered in good faith and is genuinely a great concept.


I see a lot of people furious of late with downvoting bots, the lack of karma circulating the sub, and an overall disdain for practices that may inhibit people’s abilities to receive moons.

However, personally I feel that at the end of the day this sentiment isn’t really going to achieve a lot, given that the argument of not getting the moons people feel they deserve is made to get more moons for themselves; it’s a cycle.

I don’t think we should feel entitled to something that was created for our benefit. Nothing in life comes easily, however you can make money in this sub for just participating and that’s pretty amazing.

However, just because you comment, or make a post, that does not mean you are entitled to upvotes. They are earned and rightly so. And because moons are given for free, you can’t really complain if you miss out on the amount you think you deserve, because you are getting rewarded still for doing something quite simple – it’s awesome.

I love this sub. Sure, there’s a lot of shit posts and the like. However when you sift through the ‘hot’ posts you’ll notice that those posts are noticeably different. They are insightful, educational, funny, and more, and that’s the real glory of this sub, us as the users create that content for each other.

Try not to feel cheated. Participate, talk and learn from others here, and be thankful for having moons at all.

With this perspective you may find you’ll earn more moons than ever!

Side note – the real moon looks awesome at the moment, be sure to check it out, ‘waning gibbous’ is the phase name

TL:DR – Moons are free, be thankful for them and try not to feel entitled to them.

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