Moon week (Round 15) – Please review the snapshot and vote on governance polls


Hello everyone and welcome to your first official Moon Week!

Moon Week began yesterday with the snapshot post by the admins, which can be found here. Check it out to see how many moons you’ll be getting next Wednesday at the end of Moon Week.

This Moon Week sticky will remain pinned to the top of the subreddit until next Wednesday to give exposure to our governance polls for this month. Please review the polls below, participate in discussions, and vote! You get a 5% moon bonus for voting!

Allow users to tip up to 100 moons per round without loss of 20% karma bonus Make mod’s distinguished posts ineligible for moons (PASSED) Sync Moon Distribution Cycles to the Lunar Calendar Reduce Moons received from GIF-only posts to 25%

Let me know if I’ve missed any currently active polls. All polls were supposed to be submitted by today so I could list them together, but as this is our first moon week you may want to check back Monday also to see if any more have been added.

Please note that all future governance polls will need to be posted as a pre-proposal in r/CryptoCurrencyMeta for community feedback and so I can make sure I don’t miss linking any in the sticky here

For more information about moons, please see our wiki page here. It is an ongoing effort to document what Moons are and how they work. If there is anything that isn’t included or sufficiently clear, please ask so we can answer you and improve the wiki page

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