Moon Week 17 begins tomorrow. See rule reminders and schedule information here


Hello everyone, Moon Week for Round 17 is upon us. The snapshot and polls will be posted in the next ~24 hours. They will then all be compiled into a pinned Moon Week post on Thursday, which will remain until the distribution is posted next Wednesday (September 8th).

For more information about Moons, see the Moons Wiki here

We’d also like to remind everyone about a few rules that are relevant to Moon Week:

Rule 3 – Do not mislead voters, tell people how to vote, or campaign outside of a poll’s comment section.
Rule 3 – Do not brigade governance polls. To encourage someone to vote, link to the Moon Week post so they can participate in all polls and see important information about the voting process Rule 4/8 – No derailing the comment section of a post, for example by attacking the author of a poll or raising unrelated topics

Today’s post is not the typical reminder to post governance polls by Thursday because we have been working to formalize the governance process and I have already privately coordinated with the authors of all approved polls. Please do continue to submit your ideas to r/CryptoCurrencyMeta if they have not been discussed before

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