Moon Metrics – Round 29 – All the Moon data collated and graphed


I love spreadsheets, graphs, data and crypto. So I’ve collected all the data posted in the Moon distribution .CSV files, made some sense of it all in a spreadsheet, then made us some graphs.

Total Karma

The Sum of all the karma per round

A 38% decrease since the last round.
I’ve added the average BTC price for the 28 day Moon round to this graph as the total karma has seemed to move up and down in line with its price.
I’ve done other analysis posts that show we get activity spikes when BTC fluctuates, with the most happening during dips as it seems that misery likes company.

I’d say its safe to assume we’ll get more karma next round due to the move to mainnet, but who knows.

The ratio of Moons to karma

The all important Moon to karma ratio. Multiply this number by your karma score to determine how many Moons you receive for each round. (Round 12 – 0.88 Never Forget)

This number will naturally decline over time as the Moons released per round reduce by 2.5%.

Number of users on .CSV

This shows the number of users who earned karma for each round. The lower orange line is users with an active vault at the time the .CSV was published.

The number of users with vaults at the time of publishing the data overall averages around 53%. This doesn’t indicate that only 53% of the users claim their Moons though as you have 6 months from the distribution to open your vault and claim them.

Average Moons per user & average karma per user

The average Moons earnt per user takes into account a lot of factors: number of users, Moon to karma ratio, the reduction in Moons being released per round and the total karma.

Enough graphs, show me the spreadsheet

I gotta split it into 2 now because its getting massive (giggidty)

(The dates are a day ahead than most of you as I live in the future in UTC+12)

Previous rounds are here:

I’ve been posting these since Round 14 – You can find them here if you’re bothered.

TL;DR Karma goes down, ratio goes up, something something mainnet, 1 Moon = 1 Moon, I fucking love spreadsheets.

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