Moon Faucet is now live


Yeah like, u/prussia_dev made this cool faucet for me.

A faucet is usually a website that gives out small amounts of crypto to newbies to get them into it but can be used by everyone. They either come as purely nonprofit running on donations or pay for themselves with advertisments.

Pays out between 0.01 and 0.09 moons per use (Set to change) More Moons in the faucet = Bigger payout

At some point may accept Moons for ad space on there or something. Understandable have a mediocre day. Donate to the faucet wallet if your cool so I dont go broke.

If I find any of you abusing it I’ll come over there and break your kneecaps (VPNs and Proxies).

How do I get my vault address?

Go onto Reddit on your phone and open your vault. Under your name you’ll see your vault address that you can then tap/hold to copy to clipboard.

Then go to the faucet and paste that into where it asks for your wallet and then do the captcha, tick the little box saying your not an robot and enjoy the free moons.

Cooldown on faucet claims is 24 hours.


u/Prussia_dev for forking the faucet from his Nano faucet and putting up with me.

u/OfficialNewMoonville for not writing this post because ‘Do it yourself’.

u/Hotdogbitchface and u/Cryptardo for existing

And everyone else who was supportive of the project and gave positive feedback.

Edit u/Cintre, fellow frenchie and Reddit detective (I do not have a gun to my head right now)

Go checkout Prussia’s other faucets Nano faucet.

Also thanks u/IHaventEvenGotADog for chucking 100 moons into the faucet.

Thanks to the NOA for sponsoring this faucet with mustache rides.

Edits: You can see transaction history and balance here

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