Meme Coins only go up in value due to Hype!


Meme Coins only go up in value due to Hype! Well, no shit Sherlock. Every other crypto is still going up because of the hype. For bitcoin, it’s the hype about getting accepted everywhere. For Ethereum, the hype is about smart contracts and blockchain technology. For ADA the hype is about proof of stake.

People only search about a coin after the prices have pumped.

And For next 5-10 years, this will continue. Untill the crypto gets adopted completely, it will only increase in price based on the hype. That is a fact that we will have to keep in mind while investing in anything.

Meme Coins are good for crypto even if they don’t have any use cases or good fundamentals. They create the hype and make people get into crypto. Later on those people get into other good projects.

Long live the hype and hype coins!

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