Maybe a basic question, but what’s a “good’ way to invest in the Metaverse?


So as time goes by, i hear more and more about the Metaverse. I have a very novel understanding of it but do you guys think it is worth investing in it? I’mfairly new to the whole thing so need to do a lot more research. Might as well start here!.

Do you guys think it’s worth investing in MANA or SAND or any other related coins/tokens? Also are there other ways to invest in it (have to be right)? I’ve heard about the virtual real estate. Could this be something?

What are the general thoughts on the metaverse? Could this be legit? Is it a bubble?

I know nobody has a crystal ball and the future can’t be predicted, but i would like to get a feel/get grip on the whole concept.

Thanks in advance!

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