MATIC has been pumping, here’s why…


So, as soon as Bitcoin started to see greens, one of the coins that started to pump hard is MATIC. I mentioned this in my previous post, and I was very confident of this as well as bullish. It has had a 16% gain yesterday and will continue to go. This is thanks to the many announcements Polygon had in recent weeks. Here are some of these: – NFL announced that they are looking to issue tickets to it’s sporting events as NFTs on Polygon, these will be available for select games.

Unstoppable Domains (like ENS which provides human readable wallet addresses) announced that it would be leveraging Polygon for it’s blockchain domains, also meaning there won’t be massive minting fees like ENS which uses Ethereum.

Polygon announced their new maiden scaling solution which uses roll-ups and zero knowledge proofs.

And still it didn’t pump these days, here’s why:

Polygon announced to invest $1 Billion in their zero-knowledge based technologies field in August. And most of the money is coming from selling MATIC token by the foundation.

Matic has had a vesting cliff in october, in which many might have sold the gains to take profits, which was pretty much good as the coin was launched at cents.

And finally we had a bearish trend for the past month.

And in my opinion I’m sure, this is just the beginning and we would see it breaking it’s ATH anytime soon and reaching top 10. And cheers to my fellow MAThematICians.

And a tip finally: Using Unstoppable domains might give you a chance of an airdrop. As there have been rumours about it. So DYOR and do accordingly.

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