Mark Zuckerberg’s Metaverse is exactly what I expected, and I’m so happy.


Spoiler its bad. That’s a good thing.

encase you missed this abomination

I’m so happy this is terrible, This looks like second life, and honestly id rather play second life. Ironically the dead eyed avatar suits him really well. But They’ve spent so much damn money. Its hilarious this is the outcome.

The stupid thing is this just isn’t the meta verse ANYONE wants. I mean VRCHAT does a better job, and that’s free?

The concept of what he is trying to create still makes no sense. Its like they re trying to recreate a game where your can walk around with other people and explore, build new worlds, buy and style avatars. Sounds familiar? Yeah cos the game Roblox has existed since 2006.

Even this looks better

I’ll be honest i expected it to suck. Like as bad as it has, but apart of me thought if they are pouring this much money in, Maybe it will be better than my expectations. It wasnt. Which is a good thing because we dont need this “metaverse”

VRCHAT/rec room/roblox hell friggin fortnite does a better job.

I mean horizon worlds sounds EXACTLY LIKE most of those games: “Horizon Worlds”, the app is a social experience in which Meta users can get together and have fun. The users inside this app can explore different areas, socialize and even play through interactive puzzles and play other intensive games.”

The stupid thing is they poured so much money in, it dragged down Meta’s quarterly profits, which fell by 8% to $10.3 billion in the three months ended in December as compared to a year earlier. Even so the revenue rose by 20% to $33.7 billion over the same period.

Shot from “We met in virtual reality” A documentary filmed in vr

The issue is Mark wants to monopolize on the fact everyone knows what Facebook is, But very few will know what VR chat is unless they are in that world.

But maybe now, HOPEFULLY now we’ve seen the ass that is horizon worlds, People will releases this isn’t what we imagined, or what we expected from a huge company that was paying billions.

For any of this stuff to take off the verse needs to join digital and physical

I’m talking about moving VR and AR into a joint part of usage. Being able to walk down the street with other people in anime avatars would be kind of hilarious but also freeing. Quite often alot of people in VRCHAT are being what they wish they could be rather than who they are, The idea of an online community was to escape who you have to be and be you, the you, you wish to be.

If we see anything like that remains to be seen ofcourse. Right now VR headsets are bloody huge, but at least we are starting to get somewhere with pass through technology.

Playstation VR 2 headset allows play space like the rift

I imagine this wont be the last we hear about this. I’m sure more updates will come, and we will get more crap from meta. But this is a good start for people to realise that his plan is terrible, and there are plenty of resources and games out there that do a FAR better job.

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