Many of us are not here for the tech, we are here because Crypto is the most realist way to own a house. 3.5% of famillies own 50% of the housing market in my country


While a lot of people say they are ‘in it for the tech’, many of us are here because Crypto seems to be the best way to get to home ownership in the next 10 years.

For people who saw their parents work and pay rent all their life, I’m sure they want a different life. They want to help their family and get to home ownership.

One of the best asset class, in terms of growth, which is outpacing the housing market is crypto.

While people take huge risks, I think BTC and ETH will get people to home ownership.

You’d think the State would regulate home ownership since people are hoarding houses, you’d think they’d try to free us from the leeches who are the landlord class. Yet they are far more bothered that you or me are trying to invest in Crypto.

In France Half of the housing market is owned by 3.5% of families so if someone wants to get a house they’d have to DCA seriously for the next 10 years at least.
So let’s meet in 10 years for the wave of ‘I bought my house thanks to crypto’ wave of post!

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