Many clueless people followed the hype and bought Squid. Now they are down 100%.


People ignored warnings. We’ve been saying Squid is an absolute scam with no way of selling. You can only buy and it doesn’t matter if it makes you a billionare. You literally can’t sell. These people got burned really, REALLY badly and their view of Crypto will drastically change after getting wrecked this hard. Squid is down to pretty much zero as I’m writing this.

These same people will cry about crypto for years to come, calling it a scam and a bubble. You know why you got scammed? Because you YOLO’d into a literal scam. I just don’t understand how anyone can throw money at something without researching it at least JUST A LITTLE BIT.

You just know some of these people will get into debt because of this fiasco. Oh well. I’m expecting this to get downvoted into shit because apparently this subreddit exists to shill absolute shitcoins now, but don’t FOMO into scams. At least do a few minutes of research before you throw your hard earned money into something called squid or DogeCumshotBukkakeDickShaftCoin. Sorry for the rant. It’s probably littered with grammar errors. I’m frustrated because one of my friends actually bought some of this shit despite me pretty much begging him to stay away from it and now I’ll have to listen to him cry and whine about it.

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