Mancave burned down…seedphrase was inside


So I have built a small cabin/workshop in my garden which I call a mancave. I have some woodworking tools in there , a workbench if course a small armchair with a table an old fridge and a TV. During the afternoon and while I was in the house , I heard a loud noise and saw smoke coming from the cabin and after than flames. I rushed with the fire extinguisher while my wife was calling the fire brigade. As you understand there is a big amount of saw-dust in there so I couldnt do much with my extinguisher. Fire fighters came and put it out as fast as possible.

Cause of fire? The refrigerator expoded..yes it can happen to those who wonder.

My seed phrase was in there.(EDIT: in the cabin , not in the fridge)

Thanks to the safu-ninja method It survived.

Folks paper is good but doenst last forever. Punch those fuckers on metal sheets or washers and you will be thanking yourself if something like this happens to you! Stay safe and watch out if you have old dusty refrigerators

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