Man claiming to be Satoshi Nakamoto wins lawsuit against dead guy to keep Bitcoin he doesn’t have access to. Also today is Monday.


Craig Wright, a computer scientist claiming to be Bitcoin‘s creator, won a civil lawsuit Monday, allowing him to keep about $50 billion in cryptocurrency, or 1.1 million Bitcoin, according to the Associated Press.

The Bitcoin in question was among the first to be manufactured through mining and could only be owned by whoever or whatever was involved with the cryptocurrency since its start, like Satoshi Nakamoto, Bitcoin’s creator.

The lawsuit was won against the family of David Kleiman, a deceased business partner who claimed they were owed half of the 1.1 million Bitcoin. A Florida jury found they were not owed the Bitcoin, but gave them $100 million in intellectual property rights to a joint venture between Kleiman and Wright. According to the AP, this is only a fraction of what Kleiman’s lawyers asked for during the trial.

“This was a tremendous victory for our side,” said Wright’s lead lawyer, Andres Rivero of Rivero Mestre LLP.

The jury listened to testimony about the how Bitcoin was created and how cryptocurrency worked, the AP said. The jurors took a full week to decide, with jurors constantly asked questions regarding cryptocurrencies’ workings and the business relationship between Wright and Kleiman to lawyers from both sides and the judge. Jurors had signaled they were deadlocked to the judge at one point.

The win for Wright will have the cryptocurrency community looking to him to prove he is Bitcoin’s creator, as he promised during the trial, the AP reported. This would help lend credibility to Wright’s claim that he is Nakamoto, originally made in 2016.

Wright and other cryptocurrency experts testified that Wright owns the 1.1 million Bitcoin.