LRC is up 30% today. Up to $1.80


“LRC is the Ethereum-based cryptocurrency token of Loopring, an open protocol designed for the building of decentralized crypto exchanges.”

I’ve discovered this project thanks to this sub. And invested a big part of my portfolio, as well as converted the CoinBase earning to Loopring. So I’m very grateful for you guys. It’s thanks to you that I’m earning these gains.

As for the project itself, after some research I’ve come to the conclusion that it has a LOT of potential, I’m thinking 5$ in medium to long term. But that’s just my speculation, I’m not an expert. (NOT FINANCIAL ADVICE)

I’m extremely bullish on this. Who’s with me?

Here is the whitepaper for those interested

Their official website

Edit: Apparently there are some rumors linking LRC to GameStop, which I wasn’t aware of, but there’s that. If true, this is a positive symbiotic relationship for both parties

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