LRC is great but don’t fall for the hype about “a big event today”.


This post is not to discourage you from buying LRC. This post is to inform you about the “rumors” that something big is happening today for LRC.

I’ve seen multiple posts today claiming to buy LRC before the big announcement tomorrow. The posts then linked to info about the GME earnings call today.

Do not expect any big crypto news in a companies earnings call. There are better places to announce things. Buying the hype often results in getting burnt, if nothing comes of the earnings call the people who bought the hype will sell and the price will drop.

Who knows maybe they announce something it’s a gamble either way and this post could age poorly. Your money your choice of how you invest.

This is just about clarifying what the supposed big event is.

If anyone in the LRC community wants to make the case for the earnings call being the news you’ve all been waiting for. Go for it, and please answer my question why it would first be in an earnings call and not an official announcement.

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