LRC and Grayscale Consideration from June 17, 2021


So everyone has been excited with Loopring, whether it’s the tech behind the team or the potential partnership that may be coming into play!

Recently it looks like Grayscale investments added LRC as a asset they are considering to add to their investments on June 17, 2021.

We are hitting new ATHs as we speak $2.6, getting more and more visibility from investments funds, retail and institution investors.

Soon enough it will be discussed on more & more business channels, as it is trending in the top searches.

Top cryptos are surging ATH, once that slows down a bit, some people will be taking out profits and reinvesting into different projects, then hopefully we will have even more of a Alt season.

LRC at 3.1 Billion Market cap right now. So definitely room for it to catch up to some of the other coins in the top 10. Especially when the partnership get announced and it will have real use Utility!

Let’s gooooo guys!

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