Lots of users are getting messages from Coinbase about their 2FA settings being changed.


Edit: Coinbase has posted an update on Twitter. The messages were sent accidentally. Thanks u/bandfreak4life for letting us know. Their status page has also been updated: https://status.coinbase.com.

Many users are reporting that they’re getting strange messages from Coinbase.

The first message reads “ge this.” and the second one reads “Your two factor settings have been changed. Contact our support team at support.coinbase.com if you did not initiate this change or if someone asked you to chan”

The first one might look strange, until you put them in reverse order: “[…] chan” + “ge this.” = “[…] change this.” which completes the second message properly.

I just wanted to post this here to 1) let you know that you’re not alone, and 2) remind you to keep your crypto off exchanges and in your own wallets. No communication yet from Coinbase on Twitter.

Everything looks fine on my end. I went to coinbase.com myself (never click links you were sent, ever) and no one has tried to log in or change any settings, so I suspect it’s Coinbase mistakenly sending out emails and text messages. If you change your 2FA settings now you’ll get the same set of 2 text messages and 1 email. We’ll have to see what Coinbase says.

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