Lost 7 figures over night


Seeing a lot of posts about people loosing all kinds of money. Just wanted to share my story too.

Im in my early 30s. Been holding Luna for 1,5 year now. Bought in first time with a 5 figure value. Saw it go up to 6, then 7 figures!

Past days, and especially today, I saw that 7 figure value go down to a measly 4 figure value.

But you know what? Its fine! I am still the person I was yesterday, I have my health, and all I can think about is how I am safe and sound and going to continue with this beautiful life I was gifted.

We all knew crypto is volatile and that this was a possibility. Does it suck to lose life changing money? Yes. Can I do anything about it? No. But I can accept that, and move on. Life isnt over. Life is just beginning.

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