Lost 10k yesterday, got it back by shorting the same coin!


I’m so angry/happy/upset/tired that I don’t even know why I’m writing this post. I just want to share it with someone and sadly I don’t know anyone involved in crypto.

When CRO sunk, I sold my $ 10k worth of CRO and bought LUNA. I was already at loss but somehow I saved 10k. Before they were 20k. CRO was 50% of my whole portfolio.

Yesterday my 10k became 2500$. I was shocked that 20k became 2.5k just because someone decided to make a mess. I have no problem with normal fluctuations, I invest in crypto since 2 years and I don’t panic when the market is not bullish. But man, cro and Luna did a mess because of their owners! It’s different!

I never did margin trading. I always just bought and hold relevant projects. My initial and only investment was 400$ 2 years ago, I’m not rich and all my portfolio was built by holding.

I decided to take 1250$ and use it to short Luna. It was worth 25$. I went to sleep and this morning it was worth 15$. I was so happy for few seconds, then I realized that I got liquidated during the night so I actually lost all.

I ended up with my last 1250$. Luna was still falling. I decided to put everything and short it again. It went down to 9$, I took profit and short it again by reinvesting everything (previous profit included).

It went down to 6$, I took profit and short it again everything I had. Now my liquidation price was 6.1$

It went down to 4$. If I sold, I would take back almost everything I lost. I decided to wait, I suffered to much because of this mess and I deserved to get a full refund.

It went up to 5.5$. I started to panic. Just few cents and I would get liquidated. You’ll never believe me, but for few seconds it went up to 6.15$, I throw away my phone thinking I got liquidated, but for some mysterious reason it didn’t happen.

I checked back my phone after 1 hour. LUNA was now worth 2.90$ and I realized I didn’t get liquidated! I closed my position and thanked the Gods of crypto.

I’ll never margin trade again, I’ll never invest in shady projects, I’ll keep investing in btc, ETH and few others like I always did before.

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