Loopring and GME have a chance to trigger something huge (and crypto will benefit)


I get it GME and Loopring are both memes yada yada yada, but there is a perfect storm brewing:

Inflation is running rampant, markets are collapsing, banks have super high interest rates, and in general, there seems to be a general distrust in the established authority, who time and time we have watched bail out the big guys and watched as they make promises only to come up with excuses and more funding of wars.

Point is the loopring and gme has a major following, and are loyal to these projects, and what are these projects trying to do?

Well, they are trying to get rid of the status quo, with banks and exchanges, and even though their base may not be the most mature group, they are willing to take that plunge and ‘buy into’ what the ceo of GME is selling, and often times its that blind faith in something that can yield amazing results. There is a vision, there is a substantial user base of younger individuals poised to bring newer people into he fold. The infrastructure has been released and is getting immediate adoption. Regulation has been making its rounds through government. You can pay in crypto. The groundwork is set…

So as the overall financial markets tumble and faith in their eco systems deteriorate, they are fertilizing the grounds of decentralized finance. As people pull their money of out of these institutions, fearful of collapse, it only makes sense that a new system will rise in it’s place. All major corporations are going to be watching GME and see what they are able to do, and if it even remotely begins to succeed, I think we’ll see a huge ramp of decentralized finance. It will no longer be speculative, it will live, in the wild as an example of the promise of crypto on the center stage.

We could even be in a bear market, but if these funds that were reserved for banks start flowing into defi, simply for self custodial reasons, the market cap in crypto will balloon. We’re talking about scale we’ve been hypothesizing for years. Who knows, but this could be the catalyst we’ve been waiting for.

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