Looking for portfolio tracking app/website to replace FTX


Remember when blockfolio just worked and you didn’t have to create an account? That’s exactly what I am looking for now. Does anyone know of an app or website where I can track my portfolio without creating an account? I am not trying to buy/sell/trade coins, I literally want exactly what blockfolio was before they sold to this new company that started adding all the trading features. If all options now require you to create an account, could you recommend the easiest and most non-invasive one? FTX constantly annoys me with marketing emails (that I have opted out of), pop ups that their app needs updated (when it is already up to date), and auto logs me off routinely for whatever reason. I just want to open the app/website, see my list of assets, see the current value in FIAT, and that’s it. Thanks for you help!

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