Look, regardless of how much you hate it, hype/momentum investing in things like Doge or Shib are actually smart moves for maximizing your profits. A REAL unpopular opinion…


I bought into Shib at .00002500 because EVERYONE was talking shit about how the Shib subreddit was dumb for believing it would get to $0.01. And you know what? Those people were right. It is not a likely possibility based purely on how price works with crypto.

That being said, investing in that BELIEF? In the fact that everyone and their grandma would be investing in this coin as soon as BTC hit an ATH? That’s called taking the temperature of the market and capitalizing on it.

If you’re not willing to short term invest in memes, then you are missing out on understanding how to profit off of a zeitgeist.


Meme investing is something you could stop getting mad about, and start making profits off of with your funds that you’re willing to take big risks with.

If you’re not willing to take risks, then why tf are you in crypto? How did you decide to buy any? Wow?

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