Litecoin MWEB is here


As one of the oldest cryptocurrency projects, and a fork of Bitcoin, Litecoin continues to catch my attention as I feel it is very solid and has future potential.

After years of work, Litecoin has now transitioned to MWEB. MWEB means MimbleWimbleExtensionBlock. It id a name for a series of upgrades that the project has performed. (

Concealed transactions and balance information is one of the key elements of the upgrade. One of the comparisons I read was that it would be similar to having your bank account funds private to yourselves rather then out in the open.

Litecoin, in my view, remains a project that has potential to be used (as it already is partially) as a fast secure transaction mechanism that can now assure privacy too. Are you investing in Litecoin? If not, why not?

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