Litecoin metrics are being faked by one guy spamming many transactions over and over to create the illusion of usage. Last time they faked their volume coinbase got fined $6.5M by the CFTC.


Can the LTC community explain the mass of fan-out, fan-in transaction going on on LTC?,block_id,input_count,output_count,time,output_total

scroll down to those 500:1, there are mass of those transactions each day.

Then sort by output_count and repeat the scroll

Add: then take a look at any address involved, like

Scroll. $0.01 cent pushed around, going on for months.

Senders:500 Recipients:1

Senders:1 Recipients:1001

That I call bullshit, until some explanation who and why is doing that.

Coinbase was charged and fined $6.5 million dollars for washtrading by their employee at the time, likely Charlie Lee the creator of Litecoin. It seems this is his goto strategy to pump his coin:

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