Listen to the crypto OGs or you will be burned


I always see the OGs getting flack and downvoted to shit just for being realistic. I entered the scene when a lot of new guys did back in 2020, and of course everyone was having fun when it was nothing but green and up until the collapse of Terra/Luna most of my peers still had the “to the moon mindset”.

I am glad that I’ve gotten to enjoy multiple trading environments and even in this bearish cycle I am learning how to navigate a new space, but none of that would be possible without learning from the crypto elders.

Message to the new guys: What you might see as a btc oldhead who will only “dca btc/eth” are veterans in this space. A lot of them have been trading for years, and they act the way they do because of their experiences. They have felt the tremors of markets downturn before, and the reason they are still around because they stick to a trading plan and realistically invest what they can.

Listen to the OGs they have experienced the best and worst of cryptos, and take what they say with consideration to protect yourself/investments.

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