Let’s talk about CRO and why it’s still underpriced.


As of this post, CRO is up 7% ($0.215) thanks to Matt Damon, huge global PR exposure and the forthcoming launch of the cronos mainnet next week.

Also scheduled for Q4 is the launch of the Crypto.com Exchange in the USA and (hopefully) the addition of stablecoin trading pairs like TCAD, TGBP and TAUD to the Exchange.

This week, Crypto.com added full support for the SOLANA network, meaning withdrawls are both fast and super cheap.

They also listed ‘DOGELON’ today… 😂

All in all, it seems Crypto.com / CDC are doing ALL the right things at the right time… and don’t even get me started on the VISA cards and the 14% stablecoin staking rewards…

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