Let’s place your bets, which cryptos will NOT survive this year. Meaning won’t hit a new ATH, ever.


I dont know what kind of a market we are in right now, could be bull or bear or just some correction or accumalation. But one thing is for sure Bitcoin dominance is mooning right now. From 39% to 46% and each time bitcoin dominance is mooning many alts get left behind and die completely or just don’t get an ATH any time soon.

In 2018 we had a bunch there, many even were in the top 10 that makes even right now no altcoin in the top 10 safe (cough LUNA).

My personal bet would be that many metaverse cryptos won’t reach their ATH again especially the low cap ones. Also memecoins as Safemoon won’t reach their ATH again as at least Safemoon has been proven to be a real scam for like a hundred times.

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