Let’s be honest, do you believe current “blue chip” alts have the same chance to disappear like previous bear markets alts?


We are talking a lot on how current alts will be subject to the same fate of previous bear run alts, basically 95% of them will disappear

Ofc we already assisted to implosion cases in front of our eyes (Luna)

Some others are experiencing difficulties (Solana) but still I personally believe it is a project that has something to bring to the crypto ecosystem and (at least personally) would not mark it as done yet

Others sustain that current blue chips alts are more promising, more developed and bring more adoption/use cases vs previous bear markets alts – thus having a higher chance to survive and stay long term

I personally invest only in solid top-30 L1s and I find it hard to believe the majority of them will disappear, as I see them pretty strong and promising in terms of tech, with solid funding and developers teams behind

My list (on top of BTC and ETH which account for more than 60% of my portfolio) is currently:


For each of them I studied many hours and built a solid investment thesis based on tech, use cases focus, adoption, executive team (where present), developers presence and activity, community, backing and funding

What’s your opinion on them? Do you still believe in these projects as having chance to survive and/or reach new ATH after the bear market?

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