Learn from my mistakes: store your keys physically and make sure you have multiple backups.


I really just need to vent right now. Couple months ago I started DCA’ing into ADA and had a decent bag of about 250ADA. Not really live changing money, but a decent ~ 10% of my portfolio.

I stored the coins on Daedalus and was actively staking, passively earning more coins.

Well, here’s the fuckup. Instead of physically storing my keys for Daedalus on paper I used my old password manager app for the recovery seed and spending password (randomly generated password – all I remember is like 3/21 characters.)

A couple days ago I checked my phone and for some reason the password manager app doesn’t exist anymore. I still don’t believe it but I must’ve accidentally deleted the app.

Without the spending password, I can’t send the ADA to a new wallet and without the recovery seed I can’t restore it.

No backups, emergency kit or any other way of retrieving and restoring the app.

Now all I can do is watch my ADA slowly grow without ever being able to spend any of it.

Oh well, guess I have to learn from this.

TLDR; another sacrifice to the crypto gods. Store your keys/passwords physically and if you do want to store them digitally, make sure you have multiple backups!

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