Last Bull Run, I Did My Own Research, and it Paid off…. Now, I’m ready to do it again.


Amidst so much Loss Porn in Crypto, I wanted to share some success stories….

(First off, this is not meant to Brag but I want to give some Hopium for the Newcomers.)

2021 was an amazing year for Crypto. Anyone who has been around before that most likely was in the Green huge, and if they sold, probably took some good gains. I feel like I was blessed to be apart of a community that really wanted everyone to win. The research that was done, and what I have learned about Blockchain, and NFT technology, is literally life changing for me. I firmly believe this is the future of the financial system that desperately needs a revolution….

Let me back up: I have been interested in Crypto since 2016 when my brother in law took a $10,000 bonus check and bought Bitcoin. We called him crazy at the Time. Then he bought Ethereum at $100, and we thought he was out of his mind. But I started to be intrigued, because I saw him as a pretty smart guy, and I also worked in the financial industry at the time, so Blockchain was something I wanted to know more about. Fast forward to 2020, and my company started accepting ETH as a form of payment. I started accumulating a nice bag of ETH as well as started to DCA, going into the 2021 Bull Run….

Then the pandemic hit hard, and our company was gratefully doing ok (I work in manufacturing now). We got some stimulus money, and I started to DCA into DOGE and ETC (I really knew shit about fuck at this point). I was buying Doge around $0.006, and really just bought it for my son because he loves dogs.

I was buying ETC for cheap, but then soon learned more about it and thankfully sold it off for some gains.

When DOGE hit $0.06, I sold a good amount of my coins. Because I really didn’t think I could do better than 10x (Boyyyyyyyyyy…..), but thankfully held the rest and sold them all $0.72…..

When ETH peaked at $4800, I started selling on the way down. Because I am here to make money, so I always take gains. But I always buy back in, because I am here for the long term.

Then I got turned on to a bunch of Mid and Small cap Alt Coins. I owned, and sold around ATH these winner: •SOL •SHIB •LRC

I also did buy some losers too. Yes, I was an ICP bag holder…..

By November of 2021, my portfolio had grown to over 6 figures from around $6500 initial investment. Had I sold off everything at Peak, I would have netted an extra $100k in gains….

The crazy part of this story, is I have a buddy who invested into shitcoins like Dogezilla and Poodlecoin, while I invested into real projects. He made around $700,000 off of a $15k initial investment…..

For the new guys, the moral of the story is simple: There can be a lot of money made if you do the homework. I have researched and studied crypto like a student studying for the bar, and I am still just learning….

Also, unpopular opinion but I always take profits (bring on the downvotes). I only set Stop losses on my coins that are in the green. I rarely sell at a loss (looking at you ICP). However, I am always buying back in. Just because I believe in the tech, doesn’t mean I have to ride the ship to the bottom. I can wait it out and try timing the bottom after I see consolidation, then DCA back in.

Currently I’m holding these coins: •ETH •LRC •RARI

I like these coins for many reasons, but basically my strategy is 1 Large Cap, 1 Medium Cap, and 1 Small Cap. As profits from Medium and Small start to grow, I pull profits and buy more ETH. Rinse and Repeat…..

(I generally only hold a few coins at a time, sometimes I have gone all in on a project I believe is about to explode. I do this because I like to concentrate into only a few that I strongly believe in. The people with a ton of different coins in their portfolio don’t have an actual strategy aside of diversification. Most of the time, they are just guessing and are not very educated on any of the coins in particular.)

Old Chinese Proverb: ”The Wolf that chases 2 chickens gets none.”

My philosophy: Concentration brings wealth, Diversification preserves it.

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