Ladies and Gentlemen: this is what FUD really looks like


Prepare yourselves. You will be seeing a lot talk about the market being doomed, how we are facing a major crash, about systemic risk. Etc.

There is one guy claiming we’re about 2 bad news away from a major market crash.

There are guys claiming they warned everyone about UST. Well, even a broken clock is right twice a day.

There are guys claiming they’ve been in Crypto since 2013 and thus you ahould listen to them talk about bad times.

Fear. Uncertainty. Doubt.

Trust no one, especially those who would seek to gain credence on top of financial ruin.

If someone offers you facts that somehow paint your investment in a bad light that is not FUD. If someone offers zero facts and pure conjecture while making claims about the market capitulation… well that is the true definition of FUD.

This is what bears do. They tend to appear when there is blood on the streets, and you know what they say about that.

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