KuCoin is taking 5+ days on a XLM update that should just take a few hours. Meanwhile they are not having any good communication to the customer either.


On June 8th there was a XLM Stellar network update that all exchanges did too. But even till this day after four whole days KuCoin was not capable of processing that update and every XLM transaction is frozen on their sub for nearly five days now.

Every other exchange was capable of processing that update in a few hours and that’s the typical timeline. Even a normal person could do that faster than the KuCoin devs as the instructions are clear by XLM on how to do it.

On every question regarding this, the KuCoin customer replied the exactly same for four days. That they are “relaying this concern to the relevant team”. This is some unacceptable customer service by an exchange. Kucoin and other exchanges should focus on the actual customer than on some shitcoin giveaways.

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