Kraken is DA BEST!


As an American, I have to say Kraken is my favorite exchange so far!

I want to thank them for the speedy distribution of Luna 2 so I can exit at $7:D – thanks to all the dumb shorts getting squeezed. I think Binance.US and Coinbase still have their heads in their ass about listing Luna 2 or airdropping Luna 2.

Love Kraken for all its features like staking DOT at 12% APY with no lock-up. They aren’t like scummy Coinbase who takes like 50% of your staking rewards.

Recommend to all US users! We don’t have as many options as others do.

The only downside is they charge for ACH deposits. You just find another fiat on-ramp like Coinbase and buy your actual crypto on Kraken. At least then, you wouldn’t be stuck like Coinbase users in this Luna 2 launch.

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