Keeping track of all of your trades… how the hell do you do it?! Any tips would be appreciated, and I’m sure other noobies would love it too!


I’m at the point in my crypto journey where I have made thousands of trades, and I worry that I’m going to eventually lose track of it the deeper into the rabbit hole I go. With tax time still quite a while away, I want to start putting a bit more effort into tracking my dates of purchase, buy prices, sell prices, staking rewards and whatever else is probably important I haven’t thought of.

As I use multiple exchanges, it can be difficult to check how much my average buy price is on a coin, or how much I’m down or up in total. I know it will be a lot of work to go back over the last few months and I’m willing to put the work in over a few weekends. Once that’s done, all I’d need to do is log each trade as I make them – and ultimately this will help me come tax time.

A few replies have suggested Excel, which I understand is the common method, but I am dreadful at using Excel, and I was wondering if perhaps there was a generic spreadsheet you can find online or someone could make their template available to help not only me, but I’m sure many other users.

What tools do you use on the day to day to keep track of your folio?

Edit: seems to be a commonly used and more importantly a free tool we can use (make an account first). Looks like I have my work cut out for me this weekend coming!

Edit2: An overwhelming number of responses, thank you everyone who replied. It’s good to see so many people are proactive in keeping track of these things… I just wish I started sooner!

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