Just sharing some positivity. Seems like we need it today.


Today I paid off my student loans!

And a big weight has been lifted off my chest.

Thanks to crypto and believe it or not Safemoon, I made a good chunk of money this year and it has advanced my life greatly. I paid cash for a nice engagement ring for my lady, put a lot of money down on a car and this morning used the rest of my earnings to pay off my student loans. Such a good feeling (from a shitcoin too!).

Earlier this year I used my original Investments and reinvested it into real projects, HBAR, ADA and VET. I plan on holding these for long term because I believe in them.

With less than 10% of Americans holding crypto and countries like El Salvi BTC a legal currency, crypto is going to make us all a lot of money if we are patient and hold.

Don’t stress China, they won’t effect us in the long run.

Good morning world everyone have a great day!

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