Just converted all my ADA to LRC – AMA


I read two comments from people on here about how LRC is good and then I heard someone say ADA is a stable coin that will never deliver. Then I used the white bar at the top of my screen to search LRC and I found two articles on websites I’ve never heard of with a bunch of typos and grammatical errors saying LRC good. I didn’t check anything else and I basically do not understand what a blockchain is. I also have no understanding of NFT’s and I’m so bad at basic math that I literally couldn’t pass Algebra 1 and never graduated college. My Mom asked me what crypto was so I took a huge bong hit and said “it’s decentralized peer to peer blockchain currency that uses smart contracts and nodes to secure transactions and verify user protocols by way of employing proof of stake and proof of consensus zero-knowledge proofs.” Will I be a millionaire? But really I did convert all my ADA to LRC.

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