Just a thought about moons and what it changed for me


Since we have moons im upvoting more comments and posts, only those I agree with, but way more than before. Before we had moons I upvoted only posts/comments where others would comment “tHiS”, now I am more like, ah that’s okay, because I know they earn something for my reaction. Does it changed anyone else’s behavior? Do you personally think it’s wrong that I give upvotes easier than before? I’m asking because I think it’s a great thing and I love to see others make moons, but is changing the why I upvote and eventually others do the quality of the contents?

Appreciate your thoughts, thanks

Edit: feel free to keep it on 0 upvotes, because it’s a honest question not for farming moons, if I wanted to do that, I would post something about a currently hyped currency in here, not about moons. 😉 0 upvotes is fair for a question, please do not downvote it to hell.

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