Just a reminder, it doesn’t matter what BTC did last year or 17 weeks ago or 69,420 hours ago; past performance does not dictate future returns


I see this same mistake repeated ad nauseam. Yes, BTC has doubled many times. Yes, it has happened rapidly sometimes. Yes, December can be good for BTC pricing.

But all that shit doesn’t matter. Looking at past performance down to the day/week/month and using that to make any prediction on pricing is a fool’s game. This same lunacy has been repeated in stock trading for decades and is still just as worthless as ever.

Y’all basically on some healing stones / astrology ish when you buy/sell or predict pricing based on how something performed in a specific 3 week span 49 weeks ago.

Along the same lines: going from a $333B market cap to a $1T market cap is not the same as going from a $1T market cap to a $3T market cap. It becomes increasingly more difficult to increase market cap as your market cap increases. There is no guarantee that something that doubled from a $10M market cap to a $20M market cap in a week can double again in another week.

P.S. Fuck Tether, just because.

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