Journalism nowadays is a joke.


I’ve said it before, Im gonna say it again – you people, working as journalists need to get your shit together.
I didn’t invest in this Squid game scam but many people did and did lose their money.
Some were plain stupid, some were just new and got baited by the BBC article.
Truth is journalism nowadays is such a pay-per-click horror story that journalist are rushing to post an article as quickly as possible without even doing a simple fact check, which is just ridiculous!

Do you remember the Walmart – Litecoin fiasco?
It was the exact same thing!
Some journalist didn’t do a fact check, posted an article, some more quickly copied this article and posted it on their news websites and twitter accounts, resulting in Litecoin pumping enormously just to free fall crashing down shortly after.
Just because some guy didn’t do his job and basically misled to people because he was in a hurry.
Same goes with other crypto related articles. We say we don’t know shit about fuck, but that’s just price talk. Most of the Journalists have close to zero understanding of crypto and sadly are the most vocal people on the internet.

”Do your own research”, but please keep cautious when reading articles from popular news websites.

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