Join us Tomorrow for a Talk with u/CryptoTaxLaywer for all your queries on Crypto taxes! 9th November 2021 [7 pm PDT]


Hello r/Cryptocurrency,

We are glad to have another Talk session for all of you!

This time around, we are glad to have u/CryptoTaxLawyer joining us! He is a US based attorney who practices cryptocurrency tax law, and he will be happy to answer everyone’s tax questions related to cryptocurrencies.


Date: Tomorrow, 9th November 2021

Time: 7 pm PDT

How can you participate in the live Reddit Talk?

Talks are interactive sessions where the community can interact with the guests. Readers here are welcome to hop on the Talk directly and ask your questions! Those joining us can raise your hands during the Talk, and when you get onto the stage, you can ask your questions..

If you are unable to make the talk, you can also write your question below in the comments, and we will ask them for you!

To participate in the Reddit Talk you need to have the latest version of official Reddit Mobile App installed on your mobile device.

You’ll see this Reddit Talk in the r/CryptoCurrency feed as soon as it goes live, and the link to the Talk will also be posted on this sub as soon as the Talk is live! You can open the link on mobile and it should open the Talk on the Reddit app!

Looking forward to the Talk and participation from all of you!

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