Join us for a Talk on NFTs! 22nd September 2021 [5 PM PST]


Hello r/Cryptocurrency, we are back with one more Talk!

Talk is Reddit’s new live audio feature, where we can host prominent members from the cryptocurrency community, and readers of the sub can interact live with the panel.

Following our first talk featuring Crypto Lawyers and the regulations surrounding crypto, we will now be hosting a talk on another hot topic – NFTs!


Date: 22nd September 2021

Time: 5 PM to 6 PM PST

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What will the Talk be about?

NFTs have taken the world by storm since the start of the year, exploding in popularity and capturing the attention of everyone from artists to collectors, and even famed investors. Mega corporations like Visa have purchased popular NFTs and have called it a “New Chapter for Digital Commerce”.

In the Talk, we will try to break all of this down and explore what the world of NFT is all about, from its origins, to how NFTs are different from traditional crypto markets that many of us are familiar with, what makes NFTs valuable – whether it is the art, or the culture, or a mixture of both? Why a squiggle worth $50k, and why someone paid $1 Million for a rendering of a rock.

We will also discuss various DAOs that have sprung up curating NFT art, the creator economy that NFTs have given rise to, and what the world of NFTs could look like in the future.

Joining us on the Talk will be Patrick Rivera, who is the Product Manager at Mirror.XYZ, a decentralized protocol that helps creators with financing, growth, and monetization. Previously, he was the Lead Product Engineer for Dharma, an ethereum wallet focussed on bringing DeFi to the masses.


Also joining us will be Alex Masmej, co-founder and CEO of tryShowtime, an NFT Social Network that aims to give control over its operation and ownership to its users. By building a social network around NFTs, Showtime hopes to unlock new social capital for its users.


Questions for the panelists

If you have any questions on NFTs that you wish to ask the experts, you can write your question as a comment in this announcement thread below. We will compile them based on relevance and try to get it answered for you.

Listeners and readers joining us in the Talk can also raise your hands during the talk, if you want to ask questions directly to the panel.

How can you participate in the live Reddit Talk?

To participate in the Reddit Talk you need to have the latest version of official Reddit Mobile App installed on your mobile device. Reddit Talk does not support desktop or third party Reddit applications (yet).

You’ll see this Reddit Talk in the r/CryptoCurrency feed as soon as it goes live, and the link to the Talk will also be posted on this sub as soon as the Talk is live! You can open the link on mobile and it should open the Talk on the Reddit app!

Looking forward to the Talk and participation from all of you!

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