Jim Cramer Talks Smack About Crypto After Watching BitBoy But Bitcoin Bounces & Pumps Above $20,000


It looks like the Inverse Cramer Strategy has carried over to crypto. Yesterday, Cramer made fun of crypto and celebrities like Aaron Rodgers who took on a part of their salary in Bitcoin. During the release of the video, Bitcoin was retesting the 2017 highs of $19,700 USD and has since bounced 700 points to above $20,400 USD as of this morning.

Jim Cramer Watching BitBoy

Cramer can not differentiate the altcoins that Bitboy shills from Bitcoin, which is proof of work and requires extensive energy sources to produce. With the cost of electricity in Europe skyrocketing, the cost to produce Bitcoin today is much higher than it was in 2017. However, Bitcoin today is trading at the same range as it was during its peak in 2017. If it takes more time and costs more to produce Bitcoin today, does that mean that Bitcoin is undervalued? Wattum is still expanding and upgrading to newer ASICs to support the ecosystem alongside its partnership with ViaBTC and its SHA256 mining pools. Older ASIC models are still cost effective, but real estate prices has also gone up so some older models are currently being swapped out for newer models. Based on Cramer’s signal, perhaps it is time for miners to start hording their respective BTC mining revenue in addition to scaling up the mining operations. What is your DCA strategy? Are you going to be stacking through mining?

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