I’ve turned some of my Crypto into fiat to pay for my cat’s cancer surgery. She just died.


And I feel nothing but pain and my and my fiance’s heart are truly broken, but if it wasn’t for crypto I wouldn’t have any financial reserve to even try to treat her. Not that I’ve burned much, but pretty much 25% was used in a “bull market”, not selling in a loss because I don’t buy, just earn crypto. Anyway, getting too long here, the main idea is: Life is something that we put before crypto. Or at least life we love. If it wasn’t for crypto, I wouldn’t have the possibility to try to give her a treat. But the regrets are null. Emergency reserve of any kind of cash is something for emergency, I enjoy holding but using (and using some resources that are only available because I made the decision to trust the crypto market instead of other investments) paid the price and gave a living creature more days of joy and hopium to me while she was recovering well.

Nothing more than this, more like a throwing a personal experience here, but if there’s something I’ve learned is, crypto reserves can help lives being saved, or at least tried to be saved, and even being sad, without this possibility, things would get worst and worst faster.

Take care of your loved ones and don’t be greedy in using crypto to save the one you love. Peace for all.

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